Meet the Team

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Dr. Adam S. Daniels

Quite simply, I love to see people smile! As such, my treatment philosophy is focused on giving my patients a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with having a beautiful smile. Having had orthodontic treatment as a teenager myself, it was this confidence that made a huge difference in my own life. My ultimate desire as an orthodontist is for my patients to experience the same life-changing benefits of orthodontics as I did.

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Dr. Rola Alkhatib

My treatment philosophy is simple and my focus is on working closely with each of my patients to bring out their own very best, unique smile. I enjoy getting to know my patients, and my sincere interest in their wellbeing enhances their experiences and ensures they receive the thorough, ethical treatment they deserve.

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Melanie Spencer

Patient Care Specialist and Administrative Assistant

After starting in orthodontics in 1995, Melanie joined our team in 2008. She guides new patients and their families through the beginning of treatment. She answers questions, reviews the treatment plan, and finds financial arrangements that work for each family. Melanie also helps Dr. Daniels stay in contact with patients’ other dental specialists.

Melanie and her husband Sam love photography and art. Her favorite subjects are her family, her cats, mushrooms, flowers, and bugs. She also enjoys playing card and board games, watching movies, and traveling.

I love coming to work, meeting new people, and getting to know them while we transform their smiles. I believe orthodontics makes a lasting change in each patient’s life and am glad to be part of such a positive experience.

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Karen Skoglund

Insurance Specialist

Karen worked for a periodontist and in general dentistry before joining us in 2014. As our insurance coordinator, she helps patients get the most from their insurance. She stays in constant contact with insurance companies, advocating for patients and ensuring they receive the benefits they are due. Additionally, Karen provides treatment and financial information.

Karen and her husband have been married for almost 20 years. They have two sons. The family enjoys traveling and spending time together. Karen serves on the cystic fibrosis parent and family board at Connecticut Children’s Hospital. The cause is near to her heart, because her oldest son has this condition.

I love working with such wonderful people, developing lasting relationships with my coworkers and our patients, and seeing the smiling faces walk in and out of our office.

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Natasha Ramsdell

Scheduling Coordinator

Natasha became part of the Connecticut Valley Orthodontics team in 2015. She loves getting to know our patients and watching them grow to love their smile. Natasha greets patients, checks them in, and updates their information. She helps with scheduling appointments, too. Natasha also provides office tours to new patients and their families, to make sure they feel at home.

Natasha is married and has three children. The family rescued a Yellow Lab in 2015, who keeps them all busy. Natasha loves nature photography and painting, along with attending her children’s sporting events and volunteering in the community.

I love spending my days with an amazing doctor, great coworkers, and our incredible patients!

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Nicole Natsisky

Front Desk

Nicole is one of the first and last people our patients see when they come in for appointments, so she works hard to make everyone feel welcome. From the front desk, she checks patients in and out, schedules future appointments, and helps to create a comfortable, inviting office environment.

Nicole is happily married to her best friend and is the proud mother of a little miracle, Evan. They are also proud owners of a Pekinese named Tyson. Nicole and her family always look for fun things to do and see. She loves the beach, organizing, watching dirt bike races, and shopping. Nicole is always on the go and can’t get enough of spending time with her family!

I love the social aspects of my work, getting to interact with our patients, knowing that we’re helping them with both their oral and overall health, as well as improving their smile and self-confidence.

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Laurie Miller

Front Desk

Laurie enjoys building lasting relationships with patients and their families throughout the treatment process. Although she's new to the field she's loving learning all aspects of patient care and harnessing the power of transforming a smile for her patients.

Her family are also proud rescuers of their dog - Roscoe and their cat - Dr. Pepper. You can catch Laurie cheering on her two children at their various sporting events or traveling with her friends and family as much as she possibly can.

I love working with this amazing group of doctors, assistants and patient coordinators. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile for our patients which makes our office a positive environment.

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Peggy Campbell

Orthodontic Assistant

Peggy started in the orthodontic field in 1983 when she started at our practice! She’s always glad to answer questions and offer encouragement. Peggy assists Dr. Daniels with procedures. She also takes X-rays and other images and takes impressions for retainers and functional appliances. With her friendly smile, she reassures our patients and soon has them smiling.

Peggy is the mother of two grown children. She enjoys spending time with her family, including her four grandchildren. Peggy especially enjoys time with her 95-year-old mother. She also likes vacations at the beach and being with friends.

I like spending time with and developing friendships with our patients.

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Kristin Leffingwell

Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Kristin joined our team in 2008 but has been working in the field since 1999. She’s attentive, gentle, and enjoys meeting people. Kristin supports patients during visits by explaining what will happen. She assists with patient care, takes X-rays, photographs, and impressions, and helps with bonding, debonding, and surgical procedures. Additionally, Kristin is a lab technician and orders our supplies.

Kristin and her husband Brian have two wonderful children. They also have an awesome dog and two cats. The family enjoys camping, hiking, and kayaking. They’re also big Cowboys fans.

I enjoy getting to know our patients and families and watching each person’s self-confidence transform as their smile changes.”

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Ashley Boyne

Orthodontic Assistant

Ashley became part of the Connecticut Valley Orthodontics team in 2011, having started in the field in 2003. She works in our clinical areas. You can find her in the records room taking X-rays and impressions. She also works in our lab: pouring models and creating retainers. Ashley assists Dr. Daniels during patients’ visits: She helps place braces, make adjustments, and take off braces to reveal beautiful new smiles.

When not working, Ashley loves time with family and friends, as well as cuddling up at home with her two cats. She enjoys the beach, traveling, shopping, reading a good book, and the Green Bay Packers.

I love how happy patients are when they see their new smiles for the first time. It’s amazing to know you helped someone feel good about themselves.

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Rebecca Novak

Orthodontic Assistant

Rebecca is one of our newest team members, having joined us in 2015. She is thrilled to be with us and working with Dr. Daniels. Rebecca offers patient care, to support each person during their visit. She seats them, explains what Dr. Daniels will be doing, then assists the doctor while telling the patient how well things are going.

Rebecca is a complete adventurist. She loves hiking, camping, paddle boarding, kayaking, snowboarding, and bike riding. She also enjoys time with family, her boyfriend, and her dog.

I love meeting new people and helping them get the beautiful smiles they deserve. It’s incredible to watch people’s confidence and smile transform.

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Wendy Crawford

Orthodontic Assistant

Wendy started working in the field in 1986. She joined Connecticut Valley Orthodontics in 2015 and we’re thrilled to have her. Her experience and passion for orthodontics are evident in how she works with our patients. Wendy assists Dr. Daniels and patients during procedures. Sitting chairside, she is a second pair of hands for the doctor while keeping the patient updated.

Wendy’s family is the most important thing in her life. She has two daughters and a son. Wendy and her husband enjoy traveling with their son to see the girls, who live in Virginia. She also likes going to the beach and loves amusement parks.

I love everything about my work, but especially our incredible patients and their smiles!

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Meghann Chandler

Orthodontic Assistant

Meghann started working in the field in 2007 and joined just this year. She loves working with a great team and is excited to be apart of Connecticut Valley Orthodontics where there is a tremendous amount of support for her and their patients. She loves helping her patients develop their self confidence to smile their biggest smile once their braces come off.

When Meghann isn't doing amazing ortho related work she works as a makeup artist and photographer. Meghann is really active and even has her 1st Dan black belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do and trains on a regular basis. When she's not helping patients, she enjoys spending quiet time at home with her boyfriend Andrew and their cat.

I love that everyone is willing to help when you need it.

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Mona Higgins

Orthodontic Assistant

Mona has been in the field for over 25 years and CVO is very excited to have her join the team. She has experience as both a general dental assistant and an orthodontic assistant. She loves developing relationships with her patients so that they feel both comfortable but educated on their treatment

Mona ensures that her patients are having a positive experience by answer all their questions and making the office more upbeat! Mona lives in Tolland with her husband and three daughters. When she's not working she enjoys taking long walks with their dog, gardening and exploring all N.E has to offer.

I enjoy making sure patients are comfortable and informed.

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Makayla Crawford

Sterilization Assistant

Makayla takes care of disinfecting and sterilizing our instruments, equipment, and the entire treatment area once a patient is finished with their appointment. While most of her time is spent stocking and cleaning, her favorite thing to do is feeding our fish! She also enjoys getting to know our patients and seeing as their smiles progress.

At home, Makayla has a dog named Odin who she is crazy about. She also plays the ukulele in her free time.

"I have never worked with such a hard-working, caring group of people. We all love it here!"

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Records Technician/Clinical Assistant (Part-Time)

Nick is a former patient at CVO! Working with us inspired him to pursue a career in orthodontics.  He is currently in his senior year at Michigan State University where he majors in Biosystems Engineering. Whenever he's home in Connecticut, Nick works with us as a records technician and clinical assistant.  

When not working or studying, Nick competes in men's rowing at MSU.

"I love working at CVO! It has helped me learn new things and meet fantastic people that have shaped my life into what it is now. Even when I am away from work, I still talk about all the fun things that happened here or that I learned."

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Caitlyn Daly

Sterilization Assistant - (Part-Time)

Caitlyn works for us part-time: sterilizing our instruments, chairs, and units and preparing them for the next patient. She’s always glad to pitch in and help the rest of the team. A former patient, she’s great at encouraging current patients and loves showing them her finished smile! Caitlyn has been part of the team, first as a volunteer and now as an employee, since 2014.

Caitlyn recently graduated from Ellington High School and is heading to the University of New England to begin her studies towards becoming an orthodontist.  

I love helping the office run smoothly and keeping everything clean so our patients have great visits!