If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

I want to shower Dr. Tina Imbriglio with a ton of love. My 10-year-old daughter will have her bottom braces put in, and we met with Dr. Imbriglio to get the green light that she was ready. My girl has high anxiety and over the years, it has not gotten easier. She still had two baby teeth that had to come out and our regular dentist was unable to pull them because my daughter would just jump out of the chair. It got to the point where we met with a pediatric dentist who encouraged us to place her under anesthesia to pull her teeth. I personally felt that was too extreme, but I began to consider it because we were unsuccessful in pulling her teeth at home.
While not easy for Dr. Imbriglio, she successfully gained my daughter’s trust and after 45 minutes of coaching, the baby teeth came out and we are now ready to start the next phase of our braces.
I was impressed with Dr. Imbriglio and her team’s patience, empathy, and willingness to try. This practice is amazing! I highly recommend CVO! 

— Jesse M.

Two of my kids are here with Dr. Daniels and his amazing staff! My daughter had so much wrong in her mouth that I wanted to cry. Dr. Daniels and his staff explained everything to Katie putting her and I at ease. With a plan, his team got to work. Her confidence and speech improved and of course her mouth is looking fantastic. We are almost halfway through her process and everything is great! My son was apprehensive when he found out he too required braces but again team Daniels rocked and had him wanting to know when the next appointment was scheduled. CVO has an inviting office space environment from the warm bright colors on the wall to the gigantic fish tank, kid contests that the parents jump in on too :-), and staff/team that work together to make the appointments fun. Dr. Daniels and his staff are supportive and caring - they take care of you to a point where you feel like family! Can't recommend this office enough. Thanks for taking care of my children... my third will be with you in two to three more years!
— Bridget F.

Too bad I can only give them 5 stars. Absolutely outstanding doctor and staff! Could not be happier with my kids' care and the results. Thank you so much.
Kate P.

Nicest group of people ever. All of them! Made my daughter feel comfortable. Helped us with insurance. Could not recommend them enough. Professional, caring and it seems like a fun place to work, too. Love them all!
— Audra T.

I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable in a patient setting as I do in this fabulous office! Making a decision (especially as an adult patient) is very calculated when it comes to your teeth/smile. I have never been happier with my decision picking an office now that I found Dr. Daniels and his wonderful staff! I honestly look forward to my next appointment! The wonderful karma in this office just resonates the second you walk in the door!
— Erin R.

The whole experience at Connecticut Valley Orthodontics has been amazing. We are a little over half way done with braces for my son, and everyone in their office from accounting, to front desk, to orthodontic assistants to Dr. Daniels has been wonderful! Love, love, love their office!!
— Susan B.

We will forever be grateful for the kind, professional manner we are always treated with! Not only is everyone consistently kind, they are also very good at what they do.
— Laurie L.

My daughter has had braces for nearly one year. All of our experiences with Dr Daniels and his staff have been great. It is cheerful there and staff is very knowledgeable. I am in healthcare and have very high standards with regard to my children's caregivers... Dr Daniels and staff met and exceeded my expectations. They are up to date with the latest in orthodontics and technology.

I thought we couldn't ask for more... Until today, Peggy, orthodontic assistant, was so gentle and caring with my daughter after a particularly lengthy and uncomfortable adjustment today. She hugged her and gently rubbed her cheek and dried away her tears. She sent her home with a big bag of peanut butter cups too... Which you know cures all!
— Tara W.

Been coming here for years for both my daughters. Sad to say only one more visit and both girls will be out of braces. Dr. Daniels and his staff are second to none. Great, caring people and they know what they're doing.
— Donald S.

Fabulous orthodontist, amazing staff, always make you feel important and comfortable. They truly care about each and every one of their patients and each other.
— Laurie W.

Top to bottom we’ve enjoyed our experience with Dr. Daniels and his team. They clearly care about their clients and those around them. The office has a great culture and we’ll be back for our other children’s orthodontia work!
— Krystle V.

Dr Daniels and staff are amazing. Very friendly and professional environment. He gives #1 service to all his patients young and old. He is interested in what you think and that’s a plus! I give this office five stars for outstanding service, cleanliness, and an all-around wonderful staff!!! I had the pleasure to be with Dr Daniels and staff for two years and my ending results are fabulous. All the positive compliments about my smile I owe it all to Dr. Daniels and you can also have a beautiful smile too so call and make a consultation appointment with the #1 orthodontist!
— Jackie D.

Fabulous care—the staff is pleasant, efficient, and well trained. For every appointment we’ve had the office has been on time. Though a wait in the spa-like setting (complete with koi pond, waterfall and salt water fish tanks) would be relaxing. I honestly can’t say this about any other doctor’s office. Dr. Daniels is amazing and I look forward to bringing my daughter to the orthodontist! Highly recommend!!!
— Cathie L.

Dr. Daniels and his staff have provided my family with top-notch service for the two+ years we have been with them. I always feel informed, they are always running on schedule and that makes me feel valued as a customer. My daughter was very nervous when she got her braces on (she was seven at the time) and they treated her with such kindness and patience—it was that moment that they created a client for life. Both of my children love going here, which is saying something considering they don't enjoy having braces! This office is hands down, the best.
— Shannon G.

Dr. Daniels and every one of his staff members I have had the pleasure to talk with are excellent, personable, and very helpful! I actually enjoy going there and watching the fish in the aquarium and in the little brook. Very soothing and peaceful environment and makes your visit relaxing and fun.
— Maureen M.

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr. Daniels and his staff. They have made my daughter feel very comfortable going through the process of adding braces and an expander. She really enjoys everything there is to do in the office and really likes the people!
— Matt B.

We love Dr. Daniels and his staff. Having a child who had anxiety about dental work for many years, we are so fortunate to have found CVO. Dr. D and his staff make both my boys feel so at ease and—dare I say it—FUN to visit the orthodontist! They think of everything to make the process easy. One of my sons finished phase one and his teeth look amazing!
— Amy S.

Love this office and the entire staff. Both of my children are patients of Dr. Daniels. They go to their appointments with a smile and leave with a smile because of the kind, attentive manner the staff delivers to all of their patients. I may just decide to get braces myself because that is how much I enjoy the service they provide.
Dayna C.

I am unlikely to find the words of gratitude. Dr. Adam S. Daniels is a professional of the highest standard. My friends recommended this doctor and I am very grateful to my fate for coming to Connecticut Valley Orthodontics. This was the best experience in my life related to my teeth. I am infinitely grateful to Dr. Daniels and all the staff for their help, and for the atmosphere that prevails in Connecticut Valley Orthodontics. I would very much like to have more such doctor offices with such people and such service in our state. Thank you very much, Dr. Daniels, and all people who work at Connecticut Valley Orthodontics! We need more people like you!
— Gene Samson