If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Absolutely fabulous!! My 12 year old son is on the autism spectrum & has sensory processing disorder( which makes him overly sensitive to any touch, sound, etc.). When our dentist said he needed braces we just laughed, " No one is going to be able to get anything into his mouth!" A friend suggested Dr. Daniels & my son has survived the palette expander & now has Invisalign. They understood my son's issues & took all the time he needed to get over his anxiety & discomfort. They explained everything to him in depth & with amazing kindness & patience...& a little bribery... have been treating him for almost a year. He even exclaimed "I love this place!" after our last visit." - Patti K.

"Dr Daniels' care has been a "game changer" for our son. He struggled with eating in front of other kids at school and with chewing with his mouth closed. In addition, he was continuously self conscious about his top front teeth. I feel sad to say I nagged him for over a year about closing his mouth when eating and after only 2 weeks of turning the expander he was chewing with his mouth closed without a problem! We were shocked! His pediatric dentist never indicated he had a bite problem and I have to say I gave Dr Daniels a hard time about inclusion of the expander in our son's treatment. Dr. Daniels was patient and thorough in his explanations. I can't tell you how happy we are that we took Dr Daniels' advice! Our son no longer talks about his teeth, eats in front of other kids, and smiles more openly--even though he has braces showing! I don't have a medical degree but I do have a doctorate in the sciences and I've found it is rare to encounter a doctor as intellectually talented, thorough and kind as Dr Daniels. He has my highest recommendation." - Colleen S.

“Love, love, love this place. Awesome with children. Not many places are accommodating with children who have sensory issues, and every person in this office handles the sensory issues fantastic. I cannot even express how wonderful Dr. Daniels and the whole staff are. The work is outstanding and they all go the extra mile to ensure the process goes smoothly and correctly. I can’t even come up with a negative, nor have I ever heard a negative comment.” — Melissa F.

“I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable in a patient setting as I do in this fabulous office! Making a decision (especially as an adult patient) is very calculated when it comes to your teeth/smile. I have never been happier with my decision picking an office, now that I found Dr. Daniels and his wonderful staff! I honestly look forward to my next appointment! The wonderful karma in this office just resonates the second you walk in the door!” — Erin R.

“I absolutely love Dr. Daniels and his staff! Every time you go to the office you feel welcomed and like you’re a part of the family there! Absolutely great place!” — Schuyler I.

“Too bad I can only give them 5 stars. Absolutely outstanding doctor and staff! Could not be happier with my kids’ care and the results. Thank you so much.” — Kate P.

“Two of my kids are here with Dr. Daniels and his amazing staff! My daughter had so much wrong in her mouth that I wanted to cry. Dr. Daniels and his staff explained everything to Katie, putting both of us at ease. With a plan, his team got to work. Her confidence and speech improved and of course her mouth is looking fantastic. We are almost halfway through her process and everything is great! My son was apprehensive when he found out he too required braces, but again team Daniels rocked and had him wanting to know when the next appointment was scheduled. CVO has an inviting office space environment, from the warm bright colors on the wall to the gigantic fish tank, kid contests that the parents jump in on too, and staff who work together to make the appointments fun. Dr. Daniels and his staff are supportive and caring; they take care of you to a point where you feel like family! Can’t recommend this office enough. Thanks for taking care of my children; my third will be with you in two to three more years!” — Bridget F.

“Two sets of braces removed within a month or so of each other. We have been with you for roughly five or so years and could not be happier with everything you have all done for us!!! Just felt it needed to be said today!! So incredibly thankful for Dr. Daniels for being not only a master orthodontist, but one of the best people I’ve ever met! The entire CVO team has been so good to our family!! We love you guys!! Gabriella and Joshua’s teeth look amazing! Phase Two for Josh in the future and no doubt two more Laws kids after that!! Thank God we picked the best!” — Jennifer L.

“Dr. Daniels not only does superb work, but he and his staff make you feel immediately welcome like family.” — Rebekah G.

“We were apprehensive about putting braces on our eight-year-old daughter. However, Dr. Daniels and his staff made the entire process a breeze. Most importantly, they helped our daughter ease her jitters every step of the way. Without orthodontic intervention, she was at risk of losing a permanent tooth. Dr. Daniels knew that early intervention would save her tooth and her beautiful smile. We are thankful and proud to be patients at CT Valley Orthodontics!” — Lori C.

“We have had many great experiences with Dr. Daniels and his staff. The office has an inviting, welcoming, and kind atmosphere. I have been in the dental field for 25+ years and I am impressed with the wealth of clinical skills, expertise, and the overall kid- and adult-friendly atmosphere Connecticut Valley Orthodontics offers to their patients!” — Laurie, South Windsor

“Dr. Daniels and staff have been extremely kind and helpful since Christopher started coming to the office. They always make us feel welcome, from the time we walk in until the time we leave. One of the best decisions I have ever made as a mom was choosing Dr. Daniels for my children’s orthodontic care.” — Susan, Stafford Springs

“Up until six months ago I was being cared for by Connecticut Valley Orthodontics (CVO). I finally got settled in South Carolina and also found a new orthodontist. Well, let me tell you there was no comparison to the level of service, professionalism, and friendliness that I received at CVO. I only wish that I could have completed my care with them. Dr. Daniels and the entire staff treat their patients like family and go the extra mile. I really miss them.” — Tom, former resident of Manchester

“Dr. Daniels is a wonderful orthodontist. My daughter, age 13, just came out of braces and her teeth are 100% perfect! Her self-confidence is tremendous now. It has been a long road for her, starting about five years ago when she had to have many teeth pulled because her baby teeth would not come out. We felt her teeth would never look quite right. It is amazing to see the before and after pictures of her teeth! During this process Dr. Daniels and his staff always made us feel comfortable and welcome, and answered any and all questions. WE feel so close to the staff that we actually miss going to the office! I would recommend Dr. Daniels to anyone.” — Sandy, Tolland

“My dentist recommended Dr. Daniels for my two children that need braces. We set up our appointments over the phone the next day. What a nice surprise to walk into a brightly colored waiting room with comfy chairs and a hot drink machine! Melanie instantly showed us the ropes of signing in and signing up for fun contests and then introduced us to Dr. Daniels. What another nice surprise to meet such a nice, young doctor who is so good with the kids and the parents! He checked the kids’ mouths out, gave us the verdicts, choices, and recommendations in an easy to understand language—no mumbo jumbo!

“Then we were off to financial planning with Melanie. She also helped us out with choices for oral surgery doctors and worked out a plan for us to pay, keeping in mind our insurance carrier and other considerations.

“We are greeted for every appointment with smiles and friendly conversation at the front desk. The assistants that work on my son’s mouth are so patient and friendly, and we both feel so comfortable around them. They make the whole process fun and easy and I like that I can sit right near the chair as they work. Dr. Daniels always comes to check my son out and explains how the progress is going and what the next few steps are. It seems like magic the way my son’s teeth have moved and already made a drastic change in his mouth. We love going to our appointments!” — Gina, Hebron